City Mayor's Office- Profile

City Mayor’s Office-Admin

I. Mandate:

The City Mayor directs and manages the operations of the city government and ensures that all programs and projects of the government are in place and functioning well; acts on all matters brought to the Mayor’s attention; presides over meetings; solemnizes marriages; officiates on all oath-taking ceremonies; attends all ceremonial functions to which the Mayor is invited, and receives all who have business with the Mayor.

The Office of the Secretary to the Mayor handles all communications to and from the City Mayor; attends to all requests for endorsement, recommendation, of every kind; receives and releases all papers covering requests for payment and disbursements of city funds; arranges meetings called by the Mayor; signs for the Mayor official documents by virtue of delegated authority and represents the Mayor whenever the need arises.
The Mayor’s Action Center (MAC) addresses the needs of an individual or community through programs provided by the City Government. It serves as “one-stop-shop” of the social programs like EBD Scholarship Program, EBD Health Program, Legal Assistance and other Social Services.

II. Vision:

We envision the City Mayor’s Office to be a center of a culture of excellence in terms of performance, competence and accountability rooted in positive, moral, and spiritual values.

III. Mission:

To ensure prompt, courteous and speedy delivery of services to all people seeking assistance at the Mayor’s Office and to ensure that all communications addressed to the City Mayor and documents for the Mayor’s action are acted upon with dispatch.

IV. Service Pledge:

We are committed to provide excellent public services and pledge to promote transparency and professionalism in rendering services.