City Engineer's Office - Profile


Prepares plan designs, program costs, estimated and specification of all infrastructure projects. Take charge of the construction, repair, improvement and rehabilitation of all city infrastructure projects.  Implement maintenance activities, such as repairs of road/building/canal/streetlights, spring development, waterworks system within the city government. Implement National Building Code and other referral codes.  Inspection of Mechanical and Electrical installation of all public buildings, industrial, commercial and institutional building. Maintains personnel administrative functions. Maintains light and heavy equipment.


The City Engineer’s Office, with its high technology expertise, thru the use of its state of the art instruments, gadgets and equipments and in partnership with city government envisions a highly sustainable and competitive city in terms of infrastructure development and sports made possible through its accessible farm to market roads, enough water supply and electricity even in the most remote barangays and a sports arena engineered to perfection.



The City Engineer’s Office exists to provide Professional Engineering services that are appropriate, innovative and economical in order to transform Batangas City into a more progressive metropolis in terms of infrastructures and sustainable development.
Our mission is to provide cost effective solutions that will meet the present and future requirements of the City. To accomplish this, we shall study all reasonable options through new technologies in order to offer excellence in the design and delivery of engineering services.


IV. Service Pledge:

We, at the City Engineer’s Office, do hereby pledge to:

1. Serve the citizen of Batangas City with utmost honesty, integrity and transparency;

2. Streamline our system to make our services easier and less time - consuming;

3. Treat our clientele with due respect and sincerity



With the conversion of Batangas Municipality into a city on July 23, 1969, the Office of the City Engineer was simultaneously organized as one of the departments of Batangas City Government. This department first held its office in a small room at the back of the City Hall. Then it transferred and rented a residential house at P. Panganiban Street for some months, before it was finally housed in its own building along P. Herrera St. corner of Calumpang Ferry Road at Kumintang Ibaba sometime in 1971.

In the beginning, the office was composed of 60 personnel headed by the Chief of Office, the City Engineer, with one Assistant City Engineer. As years passed by, the number of personnel increased gradually due to increasing demands and programs for various services and projects needed for the 105 barangays of Batangas City. From the original number 60 rose to now 167 with addition of a number of job order employees. The Assistant City Engineer now became 2, one for the office administration and the other, for operation. The office is operating with its budget under the local fund approved by the Sangguniang Panlungsod. They are allocated for the different programs and activities to be carried out by the office. These programs and activities are worked jointly by the office 8 divisions under target schedules of accomplishments. These divisions are Administrative Division, Planning and Programming Division, Architectural and Construction Division, Building Permit Division, Mechanical-Electrical Safety Division, Maintenance Division, Equipment Pool Division, and Waterworks Division,

Among the programs of concern of the office basically are the following:

1. Construction, repair and maintenance of roads, bridges, schools and other public buildings, waterworks facilities and other structures.

2. Implementation of the local building code program and assess the permit fee for the construction of residential, private buildings and other structures.

3. Inspection of machineries in all commercial, industrial and institutional establishments.

4. Prepares plan, specifications, program of works for projects, estimates of roads, bridges, buildings and other structures.