City Investment and Tourism Office- Profile


To improve the quality of life of the citizens through sustained efforts to attain a balanced agro-industrial development; to generate more employment opportunities and to adequately provide the basic infrastructure utilities, facilities and social services necessary for a robust community.


A well diversified agro-industrial center and international gateway, with tourist-friendly and safe environment and quality infrastructure powered by a globally competitive citizenry, inspired by transparent, firm and fair leadership.


Tourism Promotion and Development

The city government of Batangas has already identified a number of existing and proposed tourist areas. It would be worth to look more seriously into the viability of developing the said tourist attractions in order to determine where the support facilities can be appropriately sited.

Tourism promotion and development can promote awareness and understanding of the assets and culture of the city. The city has huge tourism potential to include eco-tourism, capitalizing on her rich natural resources such as Mt. Banoy, waterfalls and springs, the marine sanctuaries; and religious or spiritual tourism as mass-based form of tourism, with the development of the Monte Maria area.

Tourism industry in the city can serve as an instrument to convince other sectors of the economy to identify and create SMEs that produce new and pioneering employment opportunities. For instance, the Product Development and Design Center Philippines could be asked to help these SMEs develop designs for shell crafts as souvenir items for tourism. These SMEs could then outsource the production of these items with fisher folk and fishermen’s organizations in the city. In a way, this will be a very practical opportunity to support farmers and fisher folk. They could be harnessed to help promote backward linkages too in the tourism industry.


The function of the City Tourism Office/Museo Puntong Batangan under the City Mayor’s Office in anchored mainly on the following major functions:

1. In charge of promoting the City for local tourism.
2. May fund advertising showing the places to go and the things to do,
3. May plan, implement or support events that are likely to draw tourists, and may sponsor joint activities with different organizations to improve the region’s attractiveness to tourists.