City Social Welfare & Development Office - Profile



The City Social Welfare and Development Office is one of the local government arms in providing programs for those who has the least in life for 21 years stipulated in 1991 Local Government Code. This 2015 is the 20th year that this office is under the local government unit.  This office provides programs and services to the needy based on the guidelines of the national government. With the policy of helping families from “womb to tomb” this office was able to reach more than the target plan and implemented the programs and services within the allocated budget. Also this year, the office was granted with different blessings, and assistance by partner agencies from the local, regional as well as the national entities. The positive response of the Local Officials in allowing staff to attend conventions, conferences and seminars is an edge in gaining useful tools, practices and updating their knowledge in the comprehensive integrated delivery of basic services to the people.

The City Social Welfare and Development Office (CSWDO) as a separate department has its own budget allocation that provides social services to the neediest families in the barangays. This office experienced handling of family case works and consistent efforts were undertaken to help them alleviate stress or any distressful situation. Good to note that no serious catastrophe experienced by the Batangueño except Typhoons Lando and Nona which accommodated evacuees from shoreline barangays near the city proper.

With this, it is also noted that the indigent families received the Social Protection Programs from the National Government through DSWD Region IV-A in the amount
Php 79,565,063.00 and was utilized by program as follows:

1. Supplemental Feeding Program - Php 12,090,000.00 for 7,750 Day Care Children and IP children  
2. Comprehensive Program for Sama Bajau -  Php 1,790,196.00 for 969 IP families
3. Social Pension for Older Persons – Php 13,536,000.00 for 2,256 indigent senior citizens.
4. Pantawid Pamilya Program – Php 42,783,900.00 for 6, 348 families.
5. Government Participatory Bottom Up Budgeting (BUB) Program Php 1,736,000.00  divided to: for Physical Restoration for Person with Disability – Php 500,000.00  Rice Subsidy for 210 most indigent families of the city – Php 900,000.00 and Practical  Skills Development Training for Out of School Youth- Php 336,000.00
6. Medium Development Goals – Family and Children in the Slums and their Environs - Php 300,000.00 (on going)
7. Sustainable Livelihood Program – Ph 7,328.967.00 for Pantawid Program grantees (continuing program till 2016).

II.   Vision:

As the primary Social Welfare and Development Office, we are tasked to maintain a high quality agency committed to uplift the living conditions and quality of life of all sectors of society. We work to uphold social development, for a true-sense of development can only be measured by the quality of life of the people or every client that we are committed to work for. With these in mind and in the heart of each one of us, we believe we work to enhance social justice, the ultimate goal of working for the welfare and comfort of our people.

III.    Mission:

To provide comprehensive and responsive Social Welfare and Development policies, plans and implementation of programs for the families and community level for them to attain a better quality of life.

IV.    Mandate:

The Local Government Unit thru the City Social Welfare and Development Office  is committed to the provision of  comprehensive and responsive  social welfare and development policies, plans and programs for implementation at the community level by the local government  units, other government agencies, non – government  organization and people’s organization for the:

1. Care, protection, rehabilitation and upliftment of disadvantaged, individuals, families and communities.
2. Promotion of psycho – social functioning of this segment of the population who are in socially disabling and dehumanizing conditions.
3. Promotion of preventive and developmental strategies, intervention and approaches for the disadvantaged groups.