• Believing that education is a key to a bright future, financial assistance for tuition fees and books is given to poor but deserving college students in public and private schools and those enrolled in vocational or technical courses at Technical Education and Skills Development Authority. Transportation allowances are given as incentives to students who graduated valedictorian and salutatorian in elementary.

  • Batangas City is now the leading LGUs in the country that implements this program which continues to help the poor to have access to free hospitalization. From an initial funding of P3million when the program was launched in 2004, the budget allocation grew to P60 million in 2009 with the card holders numbering 3,521 to date.

  • Beach lovers and scuba divers can go to the coastal barangays of Isla Verde, identified as part of the "center of the center of marine biodiversity" to enjoy the rich and colorful beauty of the sea. One can also try hiking in the scenic Mt. Banoy and experience the panoramic view at the top. To the lovers of culture, they can visit the state-of-the-art Museo Puntong Batangan and get glimpse of the history and culture of the Batangueños.

  • Proud of Batangas City's cultural heritage and committed to its preservation and enrichment, the city government spearheads various cultural activities that highlight every community celebration.

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Batangas City People's Council develops a three-year road map.

news-bcpc.pngAfter its formation, the Batangas City People's Council (BCPC) felt it lacked direction on how it will support civil society groups. USAID CHANGE facilitated a strategic planning workshop for the BCPC on November 16, 2023. The activity was funded by the city government. Around 33 CSO and 6 LGU participants attended, including Councilor Nelson Chavez. During the activity, the BCPC formulated objectives, indicators, targets and milestones that will strengthen its committees, manage and improve the capacity of members, and implement projects that will help communities for the next three years.

So What? A trategic plan will prepare the BCPC to become as effective voice for the people in engaging with the local government.