City Assessor's Office - Profile

I. Mandate
The City Assessor’s Office shall perform and function as a local government department whose mandate is to enhance local revenue generation through effective and efficient appraisal and assessment operations pursuant to the provisions of R.A. 7160 otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991.

II. Vision
We envision a government agency employed by skillful and professional personnel adhering to and observing the highest standard of work ethics in order to sustain the revenue generation endeavors of Batangas City as a local government unit through effective and efficient appraisal and assessment operations.

III. Mission
To appraise and assess correctly, effectively and efficiently all real properties in the entire city by highly skilled and professional personnel of the City Assessor’s Office thereby continuously generating more revenue for the Batangas City Government which results to immediate delivery of basic services that every constituent deserves.

IV. Service Pledge
We solemnly pledge that we, as City Assessor’s Office employees, will always carry out by heart in our daily professional lives, and not just recite during flag raising ceremonies the true contents and meaning of “Panunumpa ng Kawani ng Gobyerno”.