City Prosecutor's Office - Profile


I. Mandate:

The Department of Justice (DOJ) derives its mandate primarily from the Administrative Code of 1987 (Executive Order No. 292). It carries out this mandate hrough the Department Proper and the Department's attached agencies under the direct control and supervision of the Secretary of Justice.

Under Executive Order (EO) 292, the DOJ is the government's principal law agency. As such, the DOJ serves as the government's prosecution arm and administers the government's criminal justice system by investigating crimes, prosecuting offenders and overseeing the correctional system.

The DOJ, through its offices and constituent/attached agencies, is also the government's legal counsel and representative in litigations and proceedings requiring the services of a lawyer; implements the Philippines' laws on the admission and stay of aliens within its territory; and provides free legal services to indigent and other qualified citizens.

II. Vision:

A just and peaceful society anchored on the principles of transparency, accountability, fairness and truth

III. Mission:

Effective, efficient and equitable administration of Justice

IV. Service Pledge:

We undertake to provide every person equal access to justice, to faithfully safeguard constitutional rights and ensure that no one is deprived of due process of law.

Our commitment is to advocate for reforms in partnership with our stakeholders, to simplify processes and to re-engineer systems to best serve our constituents.

We shall work with honor and integrity for the institution, for God and Country.