Public Information Office-Profile


I. Mandate:

To provide information about the City Government and community affairs through the print, broadcast and social media.

II. Vision:

An informed citizenry who has access to the services, programs, projects and activities of the city government through the use of tri-media and social media, is supportive of and participative in local governance, and who is united in working towards a progressive, sustainable and resilient Batangas City.

III. Mission:

1. To give the public a timely and accurate information on the city government’s services, programs, projects and activities and other important events in the locality utilizing print, television, radio and
social media.
2. To utilize public information and communication as a catalyst for positive change and development in the community.
3. To serve as a channel of communication between the city government and the citizenry to effectively address public concerns and promote public awareness and understanding.

IV. Service Pledge:

We commit to:

1. To promote public awareness of the services of the different agencies of the city government to widen the people’s access to these services and uplift their
welfare and wellbeing
2. To provide an accurate and timely information and fight fake news
3. To galvanize public support and participation in local governance as essential to inclusive and sustainable development
4. To spur positive changes in the community to boost growth and raise the quality of life of the people
5. To serve as a channel of communication between the city government and the citizenry