City Environment and Natural Resource Office- Profile


To render environmental public service



The Batangas City ENRO, or City ENRO is formally organized and recognized as the lead unit for the environmental and natural resources laws and regulations including those functions and programs that have been devolved by DENR to the LGU as provided for by RA 7160.


Protect the environment of Batangas City and the general welfare of its constituents through the development, sustenance and management of natural resources, eco – tourism, resource based livelihood and industrial and socio – cultural endeavours; Ensure a balance between reasonable use and protection of the City’s natural resources for the benefit of all; and Implement the Environment Code of the City.


a) As a globally recognized component City in the CALABARZON Region, Batangas City is an epitome of good governance and leadership in the protection of the environment and the general welfare of its constituents. Its development path includes environmental and natural resource management, sustainable ecotourism and resource–based livelihood, industrial and socio – cultural endeavours.

b) Batangas City is progressive community which provides quality education for youth, a peaceful and clean environment and a God – fearing community with high value for the environment.

c) Batangas City firmly believes that these objectives can be achieved through a united action among its people in the protection and conservation of the city’s environment and natural resources; where the people actively cooperate with the local government units and other sectors with similar goals and principles.