Public Affairs and Assistance Division Office-Profile

I. Mandate:

The Public Affairs and Assistance Division prepares maintain and preserve record of Barangay and SK Officials. The Creation, Conversion, of some Barangay’s and Masterlist of all Barangay Officials are properly recorded and filed.


II. Vision

Rendering a public service to the people of Batangas City with selfless dedication, honor and integrity. Uplift the quality of service to the people under a transparent government with the end view of having productive, supportive, progressive and law abiding citizenry.


III. Mission

Providing quality service to all Barangay Officials especially those living in far-flung Barangay that need documents in transacting their projects in City Government.

IV. Service Pledge:

We commit to:
1. To continue scanning and encoding Masterlist from the beginning to present in order to prevent them from mutilating.
2. To promote goodwill and rapport between the Barangay and the Government by proper coordination to different offices about the implementation of laws and decrees and giving the people better understanding of the objectives, policies and purpose of City Government.
3. To create paperless communication in disseminating information regarding meetings, seminar and in claiming their documents.
4. To serve efficiently and ensure the satisfaction of client.