For the year 2020, the projected population of Batangas City based from CY 2015 POPCEN of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) is 354,589 with a population growth rate of 1.46%. By referring to Table 1, it can be noted that Brgy. Sta. Rita Karsada has the biggest population with 19,645 while Barangay 15, an urban barangay has the smallest population of 134.






Male – Female Ratio

The average ratio of male to female population of the whole city is 1.02:0.98 with the male population slightly higher. 

Population Density

With a land area of approximately 28,541.44 hectares and a total population of 354,589, the city has a population density of 12 persons per hectare or 1,242 persons per square kilometer.

Urban – Rural Distribution

In addition to the 24 barangays in the Poblacion are the 24 urbanizing barangays, namely; Alangilan, Balagtas, Banaba South, Bolbok, Calicanto, Cuta, Gulod Itaas, Gulod Labac, Ilijan, Kumintang Ibaba, Kumintang Ilaya, Libjo, Mahabang Parang, Malitam, Pallocan Kanluran, Pallocan Silangan, Sampaga, San Isidro, Sta. Clara, Sta. Rita Aplaya, Sta. Rita Karsada, Tinga Labac and Wawa. These barangays are situated within the immediate periphery of the poblacion. 

Urban population is 220,688 while rural population is 133,901 representing 62.24% and 37.76% respectively of the total city population.


Household Characteristics

Batangas City has a total projected household of 83,833 for CY 2020. Out of this figure, 4,715 or 5.6% reside in the poblacion. The projected average household size in the city is four (4). 

Barangay Sta. Rita Karsada has the highest household number of 4,941 while Barangay 15 in the Poblacion has the lowest household number of 30.


Average Income/Expenditure Per Household

Based on the final results of the CY 2015 Family Income and Expenditure Survey (FIES) by the Philippine Statistics Authority. For the province of Batangas, the average income per household is P267,000.00 per annum or P22,250.00 per month while the average expenditure per household is P215,000.00 per annum or P17,916.66.00 per month based at the current prices.


Civil Registration Statistics

Birth and Death

As per the record of the Office of the City Civil Registrar, a total of 6,405 babies were born and 3,785 persons died in CY 2020. Out of the 6,405 babies, 3,909 were residents of the City while the 2,496 were non-residents.  On the 3,785-person died, 2,261 were resident of the City and 1,524 person are non-resident. While fetal death of City residents totaled to 27, 18 males and females. 

Male deaths are dominant from ages 0-80 over females with a total of 2,062 or 62.41% for non-residents and residents of the City while for City residents only a total of 1,149 deaths or 62.04%.  For ages 81 and above females deaths are dominant both in non-resident and resident of the City and City residents only with 299 deaths or 62.16% and 257 deaths or 62.84% respectively. 


Fertility Rate

The total fertility rate or the number of children born to a woman was projected to decrease from 2,910 children per thousand women or 2.91
children per thousand women in 2010 to 2.71 children per thousand women as of the year 2015.

Life Expectancy at Birth

As of year, 2015, the estimated life expectancy at birth for most Batangas Province residents is 70.28 years for male and 76.75 years for female.



Total marriages in CY 2020 were 964. Church weddings were 594 and civil weddings were 370.


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