City Market Office - Profile

I. Mandate:

The Office of the City Market Administrator is an income generating institution of the city government and charged with the rendition of basic services to the people in becoming bigger and broader not only in terms of building facilities but also on its manpower requirements.


II. Vision:

The Batangas City Public Market envisions of becoming a center of quality trade of goods and services in terms of employees, facilities and market operations.
It seeks to develop competitive and innovative employees as manifested by their values of honesty, integrity, innovative and responsive public servants as these are their sword to face the challenges of the next millennium.


III. Mission:

Cognizant to the realization of its vision, the City Public Market shall create an atmosphere of public satisfaction in the operation of its economic activities.

It shall continuously plan for innovative approaches in the City Market and enhance employee competencies in order to motivate them and upgrade their morale.

IV. Service Pledge:

We commit:

1.  To render genuine basic services to the public towards the upliftment of the image of the City Market and the City Government as a whole.
2.  To effectively and efficiently implement provisions, rules and regulations regarding the market and slaughterhouse operation.
3. To administer and supervise the three City Public Markets and slaughterhouse, buildings, facilities and equipment and its premises.
4. To inspire and motivate Market Personnel to do their duties and responsibilities as public servants.
5. To coordinate with the different line agencies, Office of the City Government regarding cleanliness and orderliness, construction and repair of the City Market premises and building facilities.