City Defense & Security Services Office- Profile


I. Mandate:

Defense and Security Services provides security services within 24/7 duration to all personnel, documents installations, properties and facilities within Batangas City Government premises, maintains peace and order within area of responsibility and comprehensive implementation of the different ordinances of the city providing discipline among citizens who break the law.

II. Vision:

Be an exemplar of continuously improving the quality of security among other local government security agencies.

III. Mission:

To deliver efficient security service to all personnel, documents, installation, properties and facilities within Batangas City government premises as well as to provide strict implementation of peace and order within the area of responsibility.
To raise public awareness with regard to the implementation of City Ordinances. of Batangas City
To strengthen the interrelationship with the members of community intelligence related on security matters.
To extend immediate assistance within inter agency during emergency response (natural and manmade).


IV. Service to Pledge:

1. Render effective security system to ensure safety during event/activities requested by different sectors.
2. Strict implementation of city ordinances of Batangas City that will uphold awareness to every individual to aid them to be a discipline citizen and not a nuisance to others as well as to promote a peace, safe and clean community.
3. Provides assistance within inter agency during emergency response and calamities/disaster (natural and manmade).