City General Services Office - Profile

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     The General Services Department was created with a mandate to promote ideal practices and procedures in City Government Procurement System; Facility and Property Administration which includes the inventory of all City Government-owned properties; Supply management; safekeeping of materials, supplies, and equipment; maintenance and preservation of the aesthetical status quo of Batangas City; and the provision of all frontline support services in a safe, reliable, accessible, and efficient manner.




The prime movers for the advancement, promotion and preservation of the aesthetical soundness and safety measures of the  City through public cooperation and participation with the end of uplifting the environmental condition of its constituents; and

Instrumental in the efficient and effective implementation of RA 9184 otherwise known as the New Government Procurement Act with the thrust of maximizing the use of government resources through the spirit of transparency, professionalism in all aspect of procurement system.



The General Services Department as the heart of the support Services of the city government plays a pivotal role in the pursuit of its goals of delivering basic services to the Batangueños which includes but not limited to the following:

  1. Handles the maintenance or upkeep of various city streets and various government facilities;
  2. Spearheads the implementation of programs and policies concerning Solid Waste Management and Clean and Green Projects;
  3. Fulfills the multifarious tasks assigned to it like the procurement, maintenance, disposition of supplies and equipment;
  4. Performs the much-needed inventory of supplies, equipment and fixed assets of the city government and steadfast in its commitment to fully effect change and to institute reform measures in the procurement system.


 Teamwork
 Commitment
 Transparency
 Integrity
 Diversity
 Equal Opportunity
 24/7 Service to the Community
 Excellence
 Mutual Respect
 Professionalism


The General Services Department employees commit to:

1. Deliver accessible support service to Batangueños.
2. Provide an excellent service management of the city’s property, supply, goods and services procurement with efficient prompt and courteous personnel.
3. Further pledge that we shall be held accountable in the performance of our duties and responsibilities with utmost honesty and dignity.
4. Be an instrument in the delivery of projects and programs in a timely and cost effective manner.