City Accountant's Office- Profile


The Office of the City Accountant envisioned an efficient internal control system geared toward the safeguard of assets and the achievement of well – cost benefits and is committed to provide timely and relevant information concerning past operations and present conditions to provide a basis for guidance of future operations. Furthermore, we as service-oriented public servants shall keep abreast with all developments in accounting and general awareness in public administration with employees of high professionalism, integrity, competence and open for personal growth.


We, at the Office of the City Accountant, shall perform activities directed towards a progressive and globally competitive industrializing city through efficient and effective fiscal administration, protection of public funds and installation of strong internal control system, and live up with the values of professionalism for the betterment of service.


Protection of public funds and installation of strong internal control



1. To establish good governance in the execution of office function.
2. To protect and safeguard the assets of the government, ensure the accuracy and reliability of accounting data & promote operational efficiency.
3. To ensure fast, complete and valid processing of government transactions.
4. To render an accurate and timely financial reports for transparency and effective decision making.
5. To apprise the Chief Executive and the legislative regarding financial status of the City.