Transportation Development Regulatory Office-Profile


I. Mandate:

The Transportation Development and Regulatory Office is bounded by the Batangas City Traffic Ordinance of 2000 and Batangas City Tricycle Franchising Ordinance to supervise and administer the operation and maintenance of all public land transportation vehicles.

II. Vision:

A sustainable transportation system adequate for the city and its level of urbanization, responsive not only to the current but also to the projected mobilization demand of the goods and people.

III. Mission:

To regulate the operation of various modes of transport, ensure the implementation of traffic rules and provide efficient transport management schemes that will ease up congestion, shorten travel time, and minimize the cost of travel along any road sections of the city, promote the safety and well-being of the people, property and goods at all times.

IV. Service Pledge:

We commit to:
1. To devote ourselves, our knowledge and skills, time and abilities to render genuine public service.
2. To be prompt, polite, courteous and honest in serving every constituent /client.
3. To give high regards to the dignity, honor and importance to all our clients.
4. To deliver unequivocal public service for the welfare of the general public.
5. To promote efficiency and proficiency in the rendering services
6. To implement Batangas City Traffic Ordinance and other local and national transport related ordinances and laws strictly and fairly.