Setting Up a Business

Why Do Business Establishments Need to Secure and Renew a Business Permit?   

    All business establishments operating within the jurisdiction of Batangas City are required to secure a Business Permit or Mayor's Permit before starting the operation. For renewals, permits should be renewed from January 01 to 31, every year. Otherwise, the City Treasurer shall impose penalties after the period (Batangas City Revenue Code of 2009; Chapter 2, Sections 5 to 6)

Who Administers the Processing of the Business Permit?

     The Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO) is the lead city office that issues business permits and licenses. It is under the City Mayor's Office (CMO). 

What are the Simplified Steps in Doing Business in Batangas City?

Applicants only need to undergo two steps:

      1. Filing & Assessment (No more application form required)
      2. Pay & Claim

What does an Applicant go through in securing or renewing a business permit?

      1. Applicant proceeds to the receiving counter to submit requirements for assessment
      2. Applicant proceeds to the cashier to pay the computed fees and claim the business permit and license

Where does the applicant register or renew his/her business permit and license?

The city government established its permanent Business One-Stop-Shop (BOSS) on January 2013 to provide a more business-friendly facility for business registration all throughout the year. It is managed by the BPLO.

What are the requirements to register a business?









What do you need to understand about the Business Permit and Licensing System (BPLS)?
The BPLS being a system involves various processes of city departments and offices, and national government agencies in processing a business permit. The City Departments and Offices involved in the BPLS are:

City Engineer's Office (CEO)

A business permit is issued by the BPLO provided that the new applicant secured an Occupancy Permit (for applicable establishments only) from the City Engineer's Office (CEO).

An Occupancy Permit in the context of business permitting and licensing, certifies that the place for business is ready for operation and is allowed at the specified location. It also certifies that the place of business adheres to all regulations (both national and local).

The prerequisite requirements of the CEO are the Certificate of Occupancy and Certificate of Zoning Compliance from the Zoning Division of the City Planning and Development Office (CPDO) and Certificate of Environmental Compliance from the City Environment and Natural Resource Office (CENRO). 

Office of the City Market Administrator (OCMA)

Only Market Stall Holders are required to secure the Market Clearance. Applicants for new business permits are required to submit a Market Clearance to the BPLO. A prerequisite for the Market Clearance is the Occupancy Permit of the OCMA, which requires a Barangay Clearance.

To be able to renew the business permit, market stall holders should have settled their accounts with the OCMA.

City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO)

All business establishments are required to secure a City Environmental Permit to Operate (CEPO) from the CENRO. A prerequisite requirement for the CEPO is the City Environmental Certificate (CEC), which spells out provisions on how to comply with the city government and national government agency environmental requirements.

City Health Office (CHO)

The CHO issues Sanitary Permits for business establishments. Applicants for new business permits are issued a Sanitary Permit after their compliance with the provisions of the Sanitation Code within 10 days after issuance of the business permit. A health certificate from the CHO is a prerequisite requirement for the issuance of the Sanitary Permit.
In the case of business permit renewal, applicants are immediately issued their Sanitary Permit.

Establishments Requiring Health Certificates

1. All Food Establishments - Yellow Health Certificates Required
2. Public Places
(Laundry Shops, Funeral Homes, Tonsorial & Beauty Establishments, Public Swimming Pools or Bathing Places, Massage Clinics and Sauna Baths, Rest Areas, Bus Terminals, Service Stations, Camps and Picnic Grounds, Schools, Dancing Schools, Dance Halls, Night Clubs, Motel and Lodging Houses, Non-Food Establishments inside malls) - Green Health Certificates Required


Office of the City Veterinarian & Agricultural Services (OCVAS)

The OCVAS issues the Veterinary Clearance and Certification (VCC) for required business establishments. Business establishments applying for renewal of business permits are approved by the BPLO depending on their compliance to the inspections conducted by the OCVAS.

City Treasurer's Office

The CTO collects the computed business tax according to the line of business being registered or renewed. Upon notification of the closure of a business enterprise, the CTO updates its database to record the closure.

If a business will cease its operations, it should submit its sworn statement of its gross sales or receipts for the current year to the CTO. (Batangas City Revenue Code, Chapter 2, Section 19)


City Mayor's Office (CMO) (043)723-1511
Secretary to the Mayor (043) 722-2930
Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO)     
    Ms. Ditas Aguado-Rivera
    BPLO's Staff

(043) 722-1351
(043) 722-1823
City Engineer's Office (CEO)
    Engr. Dwight Virgilio C. Arellano
    Building Permit Division

(043) 723-3023
(043) 723-6883
City Planning & Development Office (CPDO)
    Ms. Gilda L. Godoy
    Zoning Division

(043) 723-1832
(043) 723-4108
City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO)
    Mr. Oliver C. Gonzales
(043) 723-8844
Office of the City Veterinary and Agricultural Services (OCVAS)
    Dr. Loyola C. Bagui
    Livestock Division

(043) 723-2015
(043) 723-8432
Office of the City Market Administrator (OCMA)
    Ms. Amelia P. Reyes
(043) 300-6155
(043) 723-2488
City Health Office (CHO)
    Dr. Rosanna Carmelita A. Barrion
    Sanitation and Environment Division
(043) 722-0584
(043) 723-3819
City Treasurer's Office (CTO)
    Ms. Arminda L. Mandayag (OIC)

(043) 723-5952
Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP)
    SINPS Benjie L. Caca
Department of Trade Industry (DTI)
    Ms. Leila M. Cabreros

Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG)
    Ms. Esther B. Dator
(043) 722-2401
Local Economic and Investment Promotion Office (LEIPO)
    Mr. Erick Anthony A. Sanohan
(043) 702-2330
Information Technology Services Division (ITSD)
    Mr. Raymond P. Sadiwa
Public Information Office (PIO)
    Ms. Maricia V. Lualhati
(043) 723-3629