Information Technology Services Division - Profile

ITSD Profile

The Information Technology Services Division (ITSD) is a shared-services unit created under the Office of the City Mayor (CMO). ITSD is chartered to provide the city government with a single and centralized group tasked to manage every aspect pertaining to the design, implementation, management, and administration of ICT-related equipment, assets, and facilities. The office was established in December of 2012.

The office has three section services: Administrative, Network & Technical Support and Software Development. Currently, ITSD has 10 permanent personnel and 4 job order employees.

ITSD conducted series of ICT-related assessments with the goal of a centralized, secured and manageable system for City Government of Batangas. Majority of the gaps have been resolved including the network systems and system data sharing. Several systems have been deployed and currently being maintained throughout the different offices including the 3 major systems from the City Assessors’ Office, City Treasurer’s Office and Business Permitting. Upcoming system line-ups will include web-based systems to increase scalability and mobility for a more efficient and real-time transactions.


Vision Statement
“A secured, efficient and real-time processing of government services with the use of latest ICT resources for a more productive and advanced economy.”

Mission Statement
“To manage ICT assets and services with centralized systems for processing and storage of secured information by maintaining a fast and reliable interconnectivity.”