Barangay Concepcion

Barangay Officials
Demetrio B. Moraleja Punong Barangay
Rodolfo M. Oloc-Oloc Brgy. Kagawad
Nelson P. Sastado Brgy. Kagawad
Donato P. Plata Brgy. Kagawad
Nelly Rose L. Macatangay Brgy. Kagawad
Eufronio C. Dalisay Brgy. Kagawad
Leonila A. Jumarang Brgy. Kagawad
Matheus Archibald B. Moraleja Brgy. Kagawad
Christian Lee M. Orense SK-Chairman
Clarissa M. Flores Brgy. Secretary
Jennie C. Pantua Brgy. Treasurer


Physical & Demographic Characteristics
Land Area (has) : 239.2018
Population 2015 (PSA) :
Number of Purok/Sitios : 7
Boundaries : North -
South - Mahabang Parang
West - Balete
East - Bucal & Soro Soro Ilaya


Other Information


The barrio of Concepcion was formerly known as Kalasayan. During the Spanish time, the river near the Batangas - San Jose Boundary was used as dumping place for dead persons. The area was strewn with skeletons which is "Kalansay" in Tagalog, hence the name Kalansayan.

Concepcion is bounded on East by Sorosoro and Bukal on the West by Balete, on the South by Mahabang Parang and on the North by Calansayan, San Jose. Being one of the northernmost barrios of Batangas City, it lies nine kilometers away from the town proper and is only more than 5 kilometers away from the town of San Jose.
Majority of the people are farmers, drivers or carpenters but the barrio is not wanting in professionals. There are many teachers, lawyers, engineers, nurses, midwives, accountants and employee who occupy important and responsible position in public and private offices. The name of the barrio was changed from Kalansayan to Concepcion in 1960 in honor of Our lady of Immaculate Concepcion.

The original residents of Concepcion were the families of infants Velasquez, Policarpio Humarang, Macario Jumaran and Juan Ramos. They were later joined by the Moralejas, the Macatangay's, the Guevarras, Balasons and Balidos.

C. List of Barrio Captains - In order of tenure
1. Cabezas
Pocarpio Jumarang
Calixto Macatangay

2. Tenientes:
Jose Pisig
Quintin Guerra
Juan Ramos

3. Barrio Captains
Lucio Guerra
Venancio Atienza
Teodoro Velasquez
Hugo Javier
Ernesto Balido

A. Spanish occupation
1. Place was named Calansayan by the Spaniards due to the presence of several ones     (Kalansay) found on the bridge located at the place.
2. Conversion of one of the farm lands of Calansayan into a cemetery during the        cholera epidemic in 1901.

B. American Occupation
1. Construction of Calasayan School now known as Concepcion Elementary School.
2. Donation of school site by Mrs. Cayetano Barte Aleta.

C. World War II and After
1. The Japanese army used the school and some other places of Calansayan as their headquarters during the World War.
2. Construction of several tunnels at the Western part of the school.
3. Shelling and bombing of Calansayan bridge to drive the Japanese army out of the place.
4. Killing of one of the residents of the place, Anselmo Guda on one of the rivers of Calansayan (Kanluran river) by the Japanese.
5. A brief battle between the Japanese and American forces took place in the barrio to force the Japanese to surrender. Six retreating Japanese were killed.
6. The standard of living of the people in the community was elevated on account of the availability of employment.
7. Changing of the name of the place from Calasayan to Concepcion in honor of Our Lady of Immaculate Concepcion.
8. Construction of the two front school building donated by Congressman Numeriano U. Babao.
9. Election of barrio Captain wherein the two candidates got the same number of votes, tossing of coin was done to break the tie.
10. Another election of barrio captain, wherein the losing candidate filed a protest in court which was submitted to the Supreme Court for further trial. There result was released at the end of the term of the winning candidate pronouncing the winning candidate as tie real winner.
From observation and through census, Concepcion census, be classified as one of the more progressive barrios of Batangas City.