City Mayor's Office- Profile

CONTACT NO. 723-1511



To ensure a quality of service that is efficient, effective and transparent coupled with concrete commitment of all personnel to contribute to the culture of excellence in performance and accountability as envisioned.



We envision the City Mayor’s Office to be a center of a culture of excellence in terms of performance, competence and accountability rooted in positive, moral, and spiritual values.



To ensure that all personnel in the office perform their duties and responsibilities to the satisfaction of all clients.


To render efficient, prompt and courteous service to all who seek audience with the Mayor or have business with the city government.


The City Mayor directs and manages the operations of the city government and ensures that all programs and projects of the government are in place and functioning well; acts on all matters brought to his attention; presides over meetings; solemnizes marriages; officiates on all oath-taking ceremonies; attends all ceremonial functions to which the Mayor is invited, and receives all who have business with the Mayor.