City Market Office - Profile

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Cognizant to the realization of its vision, the City Public Market shall create an atmosphere of public satisfaction in the operation of its economic activities.

It shall continuously plan for innovative approaches in the City Market and enhance employee competencies in order to motivate them and upgrade their morale.



The Batangas City Public Market envisions of becoming a center of quality trade of goods and services in terms of employees, facilities and market operations.

It seeks to develop competitive and innovative employees as manifested by their values of honesty, integrity, innovative and responsive public servants as these are their sword to face the challenges of the next millennium.


Profile of Batangas City Public Market

I. Location and Other Information

Market I - Batangas City First Public Market (BCFPM)
Location - Brgy. 22 Corner Evangelista St. / P. Genato St., V. Luna St., Batangas City
Land Area - 10,309 square meters
Number of Stalls - 825

Market II - Julian Pastor Memorial Market (JPMM)
Location - Brgy. Cuta, Batangas City
Land Area - 20,000 square meters
Number of Stalls - 977

Market III - New Batangas City Public Market (NBCPM)
Location - Brgy. Cuta, Batangas City
Land Area - 10,000 square meters
Number of Stalls - 740
Other Facility - Modern Slaughterhouse
Rated Double A Standard and equipped with Waste Water
Treatment Facility and Water Works System
Location - Brgy. Bolbok, Batangas City
Capacity - 300 hogs daily
Operator - M&N Piggery Farm

II. Manpower Resources Per Services
OCMA (Head/Supervisory) - 5
Administrative Services - 11
Collection - 41
Security - 9
Maintenance - 51
Reassigned Employees to our Office - 2
JO’s - 5
Sweepers - 37
Total - 161

III. Sources of Market Revenues
a. Stall monthly rental
b. Occupancy Fee
c. Certification Fee
d. Cash Tickets
e. Electrical Bill
f. Slaughterhouse Fee
g. Calibration Fee
h. Parking Fee

IV. Programs / Projects and Activities
a. Human Resource Management / Enhancement of Market Employees
b. Increasing Revenue Collection
c. Market Operation (Improvement and Maintenance)
d. Implementation of Market Rules and Regulations

V. Total Budget for 2016 (OCMA) – Php. 41,123,000.00

 At present NBCPM is under construction, it is designed to be a modern, convenient and tourist attractive wet market. The stallholders of the Market III are currently occupying the temporary stalls constructed around the JPMM building so that they can continue their business. The monthly rentals are much lower compared to their original stall rentals at the Market III. This greatly affects our 2015 revenue collection, but we believe once open there will be a positive impact not only to our buying public but to the City Government as a whole.