G-Cash Mobile Payment

g cash


step 1
1. Dial *143# 2. Select G-Cash on the list.
Type the assigned number
of G-Cash. 
(Example: Type 9 and press Send)
3. To register, type the
assigned number of
Register then press Send.
Step1.1 Step1.2 Step1.3
4.Type MPIN then press Send. 5.Type your FIRST NAME
then press Send.
6.Type your LAST NAME
then press Send.
Step1.4 Step1.5 Step1.6
7.Type your complete ADDRESS
then press Send. 
 8.Type your EMAIL ADDRESS then press Send. If there’s no email account, press 0 to proceed. 9.Type 1 to register then
press Send. A notification
will appear. “You have successfully registered
to G-Cash as of
Ref No. <number> 
 Step1.7  Step1.8  Step 1.9
step 2   
1. Dial *137# 2. Type assigned number of Batangas City in the list of cities provided, then press Send. 3. Type the assigned number of Business Permit then press Send.
Step2.1 Step2.2 Step2.3
4. Type your business account number (BAN) then press Send. 5. To confirm the assessment request, type 1 and press Send. 6. To view Quarter and Yearend balance, type 1 and press Send.
Step2.4 Step2.5 Step2.6
step 3
 1. Type the number of selected amount then press Send.  2. To confirm payment, type 1 and press Send.  3. To proceed with the business tax payment, reply with MPIN then press Send.
 Step3.1 Step3.2  Step3.3
4. A confirmation message will be receive after the payment.    

1.      Dial *137#.