City Defense & Security Services Office- Profile

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To provide security of all personnel, documents, properties and installations of city government and to coordinate with the member of the intelligence community on matters related to security. To maintain peace and order.


Defense and Security Services provide services 24 hours 24/7 duration of government installations, properties of the city, comprehensive implementation of the different ordinances of the city, providing discipline among violators.


Functional Statement

  1. Prepare assessment of security problems of the city government.
  2. Design an appropriate security system and formulate security policy for approval of the City Mayor as the case maybe.
  3. Prepare for approval on annual security education program designed to develop security consciousness among the employees.
  4. Supervise day-to-day operation of the physical security system,  to include conduct of periodic physical security inspections, supervision implementation of rules and regulations affecting  building management, perimeter protection, fire/crime prevention, vehicle security, visitor control, VIP security etc., and direct supervision even security guards and watchmen.
  5. Conduct regular review of office policies and procedures  involving security to make sure that these are responsive to changing conditions.
  6. Advice the City Mayor on intelligence and security matters.

 II. Objectives

  1. To render effective  security system to all personnel, documents, properties and installations  of city government.
  2. To secure peace and order within the area of responsibility with a strict supervision.

 III. Programs/Projects/Activities

  1. General Administrative and Support Services
  2. Overall safeguarding & protection of government properties & other installation against pilferage.
  3. Escorting cashiers, paymasters, to and from bank regarding cash   transactions etc.
  4. Perform other related functions for providing security & peace and order, assistance during calamities & other related  occasions.