Miss Batangas City Foundation Day 2019 is a well rounded person

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Twenty-five year-old Zharyne Amorado Santos has many things to speak of when it comes to her achievements and the things that interest her.

She is a registered pharmacist and a recent graduate of Doctor of Medicine from the University of Sto. Tomas, following the footsteps of her mother and eldest sister who are both doctors.

The daughter of Mr. Xygruz King Santos and Dr. Florence Amorado Santos, Zharyne has made herself the pride of her parents.

She was a consistent honor student in her elementary and high school days in St. Bridget College (SBC) and engaged in various extracurricular activities. She became a student leader in high school and an active member of the Performing Arts Office that opened the door for her to showcase her talent in musical theatre plays like playing the lead character in Brigid the Musicale and Peter Pan.

She dances, even made a mark as a folk dancer of SBC. She also sings and plays the piano and violin.

Not one to stay idle, and somebody who gives her best in everything that she does, she nourished her youth with involvement in church and cultural activities that earned for her various special awards.

Zharyne is lucky to belong to a family that values quality time together, be it in their conversations, while baking cookies, playing games and other bonding moments. Her family loves to travel and for this lady, “Europe is my favorite destination because of the preserved traditional architecture and culture .”

Asked who her role model is, Zharyne said that it is her mother because “she is hardworking, she helps many people, and loves and enjoys what she is doing.”

Because she loves musical theatre plays, Zharyne greatly admires Lea Salonga who excels in this field of entertainment. She considers Lea as a great talent and a “woman of principles” worthy of emulation.
As for her views on the effects of social media, she said that it has “pros and cons.” The good side, she said, is that you expand your network, allowing you to connect with your family and other people. It has also turned into a source of income with the emergence of online selling and other business.

On the negative side, she explained that some people tend to compare themselves with others they see on social media, having a better life than them in terms of material things and comfort in life. This, she said, puts more pressure on some people to try to keep up with those they see enjoy the kind of life that they can afford.

On how she describes herself, Zharyne says that she is simple, in sharp contrast to the complicated world of the medical profession she is about to enter.

With all the good things coming her way, this beautiful lady is poised to gain more achievements and success in her endeavours that would contribute to her growth and make her a better person.

Zharyne wears gowns her cousin designed for her city queen stint.

The stunning gowns that Zharyne Santos is wearing in various events as Miss Batangas City Day 2019 was designed by no less than her first cousin Jezelle Maxine Amorado, a talented lady who aims to make a name for herself as a fashion designer.

A daughter of Atty. Jose Amor and Cristina Amorado, she is the owner and creative director of Jezelle HauteAmorado.
“I chose to focus on creating modern interpretations of the traditional Maria Clara and Terno as well as add elements that would best highlight Batangas City at its best and its growth as a thriving metropolis. In short, the fusion of the past and the present, creating the future,” Jezelle said.

In Pamanhikan, she designed a “red cocktail dress that features a high-low skirt, a modern take on the classic butterfly sleeves, black crystals and hand cut leave details.”

There were two Harana gowns worn by Zharyne whose escort in some of her activities in the celebration is Dr. Nico Amorado. One featured a “crystalized bustier with a serpentina fringe skirt and two varying overcoats.” The first is a silk organza overcoat with large billowing sleeves to create a very serene and gentle look. The second gown is a “modern interpretation of the classic Maria Clara by wearing a gazaar overcoat with large Maria Clara sleeves, an oversized shawl collar to mimic the traditional alampay and a crystalized belt. It is then accentuated with a soft floral headpiece to tie the look together.”

For the Sublian and Parade, Zharyn will again wear gowns that symbolize the old municipality of Batangas and its transformation today into a thriving industrial port city. (PIO Batangas City)