Sto. Niño Fluvial Procession 2015

The people of Batangas City continue to demonstrate their strong devotion to Sto. Nino, the city’s Patron Saint, as thousands joined the fluvial precession in Calumpang River yesterday, January 7 to mark the city fiesta celebration in His honor on January 16.

Mayor Eduardo Dimacuha, former Mayor Vilma Dimacuha, Archbishop Ramon Arguelles, Parish Priest Fr. Dado Castillo and city officials led the fluvial procession. From the river, the procession crossed the newly installed Pontoon Bridge toward P. Panganiban St. where Alangilan Elementary School students performed the Subli dance. The land procession passed through the main streets of the poblacion and culminated at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.

A display of fireworks greeted the procession as it arrived at the Basilica and ushered back the Sto. Nino. Archbishop Ramon Arguelles and other priests concelebrated the Holy Mass.

Prior to the procession, the Sto. Nino was fetched at the Basilica at 1:00 PM by Mayor Dimacuha and other officials. From here, the motorcade brought the Sto. Nino to the Batangas City Convention Center where “Alay sa Sto. Nino” cultural presentations were performed by 13 schools in Batangas City. After this event, the motorcade resumed and proceeded to Barangay Cuta Duluhan where the fluvial procession started.

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