City Planning & Development Office


A highly competent, innovative and professionally oriented local planning institution which is development centered and staffed by highly skilled technical personnel who are strongly committed to effectively and efficiently address the challenges of attaining a sustainably-developed and liveable Batangas City.


To formulate rational, holistic, comprehensive and integrated development planning documents and initiate activities that will improve the quality of life of its citizens and will guide the attainment of the overall sustainable development of Batangas City.


Number of staff / employees:
Male - 16
Female - 28

CPDO Personnel
Batangas City

Age group Number of Personnel

Grand Total M F T
16 28 44
18-30 0 0 0
31-40 1 11 12
41-50 9 7 16
51-60 5 10 15
61-65 1 0 1

Number of Divisions: Five (5)
• Administrative Division
• Plans and Programs Division
• Research, Evaluation and Statistics Division
• Special Projects Division
• Zoning Division

Services Offered / Citizen’s Charter / Frontline Services :
• Conduct of Barangay Consultative Planning Workshops for the formulation of the Socio Economic Profile, Barangay Development Plan (BDP) and Annual Investment Program (AIP).
• Conduct of Training for Community Based Monitoring System (CBMS) data management and dissemination to 105 barangays.
• Formulation / Preparation of the City Annual Investment Program (AIP) for CY 2016.
• Prepare & update feasibility studies and proposals for different city infrastructure & livelihood projects.
• Monitoring & evaluation of all on-going City livelihood projects and evaluation/audit of all implemented and operating waterworks projects.
• Conduct of Leadership / Capability Building / Financial Management Training / Seminar-Workshop for officers and members of proposed and existing rural waterworks associations.
• Continue serving as Technical Secretariat of the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC), Infra & Consultancy Services, the City Development Council (CDC), THE City Council for the Welfare of Children (CCWD), the Local Board of Assessment Appeals (LBAA) and the City Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals (CZBAA).
• Acts as members of the following Committee:
o Local Finance Committee
o Bids and Awards Committee (BAC)
o Local Health Board
o Board of Regents - Colegio ng Lungsod ng Batangas
o City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council
o City Solid Waste Management Board
o City Council for the Welfare of Children
o Batangas City Environment Council
o City Nutrition Council
o City Public-Private Partnership Selection Committee
o City LGPMS Committee
o City Council for Women
o City Council for Persons with Disability
o City Executive & Legislative (ELA) Team
o City Committee on Programs on Awards & Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE)
o City Performance Evaluation Review Committee (PERC)
o City Zoning Board of Adjustment and Appeals
o City Waterworks Monitoring and Evaluation Team
o City Core Group for the Implementation of Community Based Monitoring System (CBMS)
o Verde Island Marine Sanctuary Board
o City Climate Change / Green House Management Action Plan Committee
o BIR Sub-Technical Committee on Real Property Valuation (STCRPV)
o Local Poverty Reduction Action Team
o Land Management Council
o Local MDG-FACES Project Management Team
o Project Implementation Committee for the Performance Challenge Fund
o City Census Coordination Board
o Business Permits and Licensing System TWG
o City Housing Committiee
o Member - Boy Scout of the Philippines, Batangas City Council

• Granting/approving zoning/locational clearance for the construction / repair / renovation / expansion of residential, commercial, institutional, recreational, industrial buildings/ structures/ projects.
• Securing zoning / locational clearance for the establishment and operation of commercial, business, institutional, recreational, industrial and other projects / uses / activities.
• Securing sign permits for streamers, banners, poster and the like
• Securing zoning permit for occupancy of residential, commercial, recreational, institutional and industrial buildings / structures.
• Securing zoning certification as to land use classification.
• Securing preliminary approval and locational clearance / development permit for subdivision and housing project.
• Handling complaints and queries, both official / written and verbal regarding the City Land Use Plan and Zoning Ordinance (CLUPZO).
• Handling and acting on complaints relative to the implementation of the Batangas City Land Use and Zoning Ordinance (BCLUZO).
• Providing information about Batangas City Socio-Economic, Physical and Political Profile (SEPPP)
• Providing various maps of Batangas City.
• Providing information regarding the Batangas City Information System.
• Providing sample of project proposals, list of implemented infrastructure projects and information on special projects and other city development projects.
• Providing assistance for the implementation of livelihood projects.
• Providing assistance in the remittance of payment of amortization for livelihood projects.
• Releasing documents for the sale of large cattle.
• Providing assistance in the review and checking of household survey conducted in the barangays.