City Civil Registrar's Office- Profile

CONTACT NO. 723-2042


  1. To effectively implement rules and regulations on the applications and enforcement of civil registry law, civil code, family code, R.A. 9048, R.A. 9255, R.A. 9858 and other directives on civil registration
  2. To improve the quality of civil registration system through information dissemination and educational campaign
  3. To provide updated demographical statistical reports to the different government and non-government agencies concerned
  4. To maintain an effective and efficient recording and filing system for easy verification and retrieval through automation
  5. To conduct seminars/trainings for rank and file employees to equip them with knowledge and skills for an effective delivery of quality service to the public


The Office of the City Civil Registrar receives, reviews and registers certificates of live births prepared by the government and private hospitals, clinics, maternity centers, nurses, midwives and hilots, and death certificates prepared by government and private hospitals and by the city health office. It receives applications for the issuance of marriage licence and after determining and after determining that all requirements have been complied with, shall issue the license upon payment of the prescribed fee to the city treasurer. It received, reviews and records all marriage certificates prepared by churches and courts. It registers court decrees and legal instruments and/or annotates documents. It implements civil registry laws R.A. 9048 (Clerical Error Law), R.A. 10172 (Correction of sex and the day & month in the date of birth), R.A. 9255 (Allowing the Child to Use the Surname of the Father), R.A. 9225 (Dual Citizenship) and R.A. 9858 (Legitimation of Children Born to Parents Below Marrying Age). It encodes all registered documents for automation. It classifies and binds all registered documents and files, keeps and preserves them in a secured place. It transcribes in index cards all birth registrations. It codes all registrations for statistical purposes. It administers oaths for civil registration purposes. It attends court hearings if summoned. It transmits to the Office of the Civil Registrar General within the first ten (10) days of each month the duplicate copies of every document registered during the preceding month. It submits to the Office of the Civil Registrar General monthly accomplishment and statistical reports. It reconstructs destroyed civil registry records. It prepares and issues transcriptions of civil registry documents in specified forms and in Security Paper (SECPA). It prepares a list of deceased voters for COMELEC record. It approves and signs election registration forms. It conducts mobile registrations in barangays and provides trainings/seminars/and symposia, lectures on civil registration to teachers, parents, and students, hospital staff and barangay officials. It participates in both national and regional National Statistics Office and Philippine Association of Civil Registrars’ conventions and conferences. It conducts different projects and activities to instill awareness on the value of civil registration.


Continuously cultivating the awareness on the value of civil registration among its clients, the City Civil Registrar’s Office, Batangas City strives to be responsive and compassionate to the specific needs, especially of the marginalized sector of society, working to be in the forefront of technology to meet the demands of a service-oriented civil registry office and learning the variety of ways by which this Office can lessen its carbon footprint, thereby rising up to the challenge of being environmentally sound and working harmoniously and in conjunction with the goals and ideals of the Batangas City Government.

The ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE of the CIVIL REGISTRATION SYSTEM is centralized. The Executive Director of the National Statistics Office is the ex-officio Civil Registrar General. He is in-charge of the system and has the responsibility of enforcing all provisions of the Civil Registry Law (Act No. 3753) and issuing regulations for carrying out the law. All registrations are done in the city/municipality level only. The Local Civil Registrar implements the civil registration system.



The City Civil Registrar’s Office, Batangas City envisions itself as an innovative, systematic and technologically advanced arm of the city government benefitting the city’s registrants and clientele, attended by highly-trained, proficient and service-oriented personnel.